Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It arrived!

Once upon a time, Missy ran a contest on her blog, with the winners announced here. These are worth reading just for the pictures.

Lot's o'stuff. I already tried the Grab the Gold snack bar, since I was just finishing lunch when the Canada Post truck arrived. Very yummy. The Swiftwick socks fit, and feel great. They fell over just as I was taking the pic so it's hard to read the label. (Though Missy, re: your comment about sending a pair of unworn socks, there are some people who appear to make a living by selling previously worn garments. I know, ew. But just in case your education was lacking, or you were looking for alternative career opportunities.) The coffee mug is huge; I've seen smaller fruit cups and cereal bowls. One can never have too many water bottles. Lots of stickers and magnets. Two swim caps, neon pink, from Missy's Master's swim club. And lastly, two bright pink T shirts. Sort of a purply pink T shirts. I'll have to think about these, since they don't even come close to fitting me.

So a big thank you to Missy for running the contest and sending the stuff! Go read her blog, you'll enjoy it.


  1. OMG YOU WON a contest!!!!!!!! EEEEEEE!!! Congratulations!!!!!! Keith -- how did this happen? How awesome and wonderful -- and what a great sign for Canmore this weekend!! YAY!!!!!!

    Errr -- shameless plug for a pink t!!! PINK!!! OMG it is PINK Keith!!!! LOL!!!!!


  2. I just read your winning story -- awwww! Gad, I remember how that pic seemed to stay on your blog forever. LOL!! AT least something cool came out of all that hoopla! Congratulations again Keith -- you deserve it!!!! YAY!!!!!!

  3. hey, where's the jack. i thought you said there was jack... LOL. what a great care package!!!

  4. Awesome! I cannot believe you're thinking of giving away the pink shirts-tight schmight, you'll be the envy of all the ladies.

    Thanks for your advice re my last post too-you hit the nail right on the head: it will be difficult to define "competing well" sinse no matter how well we do we tend to always want to do better...

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE the pink shirts! :) Whoohoo!! And the caps!?!? WOW!

  6. BUT you didn't get a bottle of Jack Daniels :)

  7. Hahaha, yes, Susi really wanted some Jack D, sorry Susi and Chloe actually GOT a baby bottle from me when I saw her in Florida! Hope you enjoy your goods. The contest was super fun and I'm glad all my northern friends got in on the action.

    I saw that Keith needs to post a picture of himself in one of the t-shirts!!!!


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