Friday, February 13, 2009

Tired arm swim

I was a slacker this morning again. I admit it. The MAPs from last night used me up like the kleenex I've been going through lately. So I slept in, and only slid my tired butt into the water at 6:05 this morning. There are people that have already been in and done their workout. (The pool opens 5:30, and sometimes a bit earlier.)

250 m warmup.
1 set of drill.
5 x 50 m intervals, on 1:15 start, mostly taking 50 seconds, though the last one was a bit longer.
Another set of drill. ugg. Arms falling off.
150 m cool down, trying to swim pretty. Not doing very well. Overall golf scores were 82, 85, and 90. For the last one I was trying to minimize the number of strokes, and wasn't worried about time. 40 minutes in the pool, and 20 minutes in the dive tank working on core. More ugg. My core is tired, thank you very much.

Pool didn't have may people in it, but buddy in the next lane swam like a football player trying to go through the line. Crappy, splashy stroke. And just as I was leaving my lane, a guy got in. He probably thought he was doing front crawl, but I've seen lots of breast strokers with narrower arms.

And the number. I haven't been there for a while, and so I haven't looked at the number lately. 226. I'm now getting down into weight territory that I haven't been since the early 80's. woohoo!

Tune in later for news of the spin session. It's snowing again, and I don't have to leave the house for the rest of the day.

Spin session, 1 hour, nice and easy. Decided to try watching a movie, and picked Mr. and Mrs. Smith. I like the tango that is the theme of the movie. The spin went by quick. Stretched while watching more of the movie. Legs feel good. Not up to doing the tango, but still.


  1. Great tired arm workout keith, i wish i could post those numbers when i am fresh....and wow not since the 80's, even more impressive, now if only you had a closet full of 80s clothes to wear to celebrate!!

  2. yes cause the 80's are back in :)

  3. Gosh, this post makes me think of those Pepsi commericals where they feel young again and reminisce. 80's here we come!!!

  4. 80's, here we come?? Most days I think it's some time in 1984, and that explains the bewildered look I wander around with so much of the time.

  5. I love that movie too - very action packed. Nice work on the weight drop! That's awesome!


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