Thursday, February 12, 2009

Apres swim, apres run, and now apres MAP bike

I was looking at the rest of the schedule for today, and was thinking about the week so far. Maybe I think too much, but this morning sure looked like a day for an easier swim. So I dogged it.

Completely and totally. Easy swim.
Only 2000 m in just under 41 minutes. Thought about stroke mechanics, roll, reach, catch. Pushing to thigh. Trying to feel the water. Good luck with lane partners. Most of the time was with a guy that swam slightly faster than me, then the breastroker that joined me was good about letting me pass. Then 20 minutes core work in the dive tank.

Nibbled a bit when I got home. The run today was supposed to have strides. I had to look them up on the internet to remind myself of what they were. Ran 45 minutes, mostly easy, with walk to warm up and cool down. Ran easy for 16 minutes before starting first stride. Basically ran pretty hard for 30 seconds, then easy for 150 seconds. Did that six times, then my ankle and foot started complaining a little, so I backed off and ran easy.

Stretched after and massaged feet. They liked that.

Was the first one to get to spin class and helped move clothes racks out of the way. Got on the bike in good time, and started to warm up. One leg drill. 15/15. Then the dreaded MAP sets. Erp. It was much better than Tuesday. I got to the point where the quads were starting to burn, and I was just beginning to fade at the end of the set. The heart rate never got above 140, and dropped back nicely during the rest sets. Was on the bike just over 2 hours. Legs are tired.


  1. So the resolutionistas must have disappeared by now, eh? :) :)

    The swim sounded positively boring -- maybe we need to send "That Naked Guy" over to your pool. Hahahahahaha!!

  2. Apres is one of my favorite words. I think because it means the work is over and now it's time for the fun.

    I HATE strides.

  3. Boring!!! how can you say that? It was totally NOT boring. I love swimming back and forth. Doing weights is boring.


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