Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A stretchy run

Or was it a runny stretch? I just had to get out for a run tonight. After the thunderstorms passed it warmed up and was a nice night. I figure the only way to find out if my legs had recovered enough to run, is to run. Gently of course.

Did some gentle warm up stretches, then walked about 5 minutes.
Ran 4 minutes, stretched for another couple minutes.
Ran 5 minutes, walked one.
Ran 9 minutes, walked one.
Ran 6 minutes, walked one, then stretched about 5 minutes.
Walked 5 minutes home, then stretched some more.

I felt really heavy and choppy. Thud thud thud. Right leg felt fine, left leg felt a bit weak and heavy. Running up hill isn't good. Toward the end of the 9 minute run, I was beginning to get back into the groove again, but I could feel my leg being tired. Plus, I was breathing harder than I thought I should be. How quickly we get out of shape again! I'll give my legs a few more days without running, and see how they do. More swimming and biking, and it's supposed to be nice for the rest of the week.

I got a note from the Canmore Oly people. Only 19 days to go. I'll have to start making lists and getting organized. If I don't do anything stupid, my legs should be ok. They said there's still a few spaces left. What about it Susi, are you up for an Oly? We can carpool....


  1. It's so good that you are paying close attention to your body. You'll be in fine shape for the Canmore Oly!! :) :)

  2. The Canmore Olympic is suppose to be a tonne of fun! I wish I was still in town for it!


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