Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A semi-run, first after Chinook

Last Sat I tried to run off the bike and my legs were having none of it. None at all. My upper calves and bottom of the hamstrings have continued to be tight. Up till now I've mostly rested, but I've picked up on the stretching, and actually took a pill for muscle spasms, hoping that would help relax them. Yoga Monday evening really helped. I actually wished the class was longer because I was really getting into the one pose.

Today was the first run day. The rest of me wants to run, but my legs are still dubious about the whole darn thing. So I decided to ease into it. I stretched a bit after getting out of bed, not hard, well within range of motion, just to start the blood flowing. Things have relaxed someone, as my fingers can get about a foot closer to my toes than they have been for the last couple weeks. Dropped off Linda at work as usual, then drove to Renfrew. Walked 10 minutes briskly, then did about 5 minutes of stretching.

Took a deep breath and started a slow and easy run. Only for a minute or so, then stretched legs more. Ran a few minutes, and stretched more. They were feeling pretty good, so I did an easy 5 minutes, paying a lot of attention to how it felt. Did some more stretching, walked about 10 minutes back to the car, stretched more, then got ready for work myself. Nice morning for a run, actually, not too hot. I'd be surprised if I got up to mid-zone 2 for heart rate.

Legs weren't totally happy about the run, but they didn't complain too much either. Thursday is supposed to be a hill day on the bike, but if my massage therapist can come, I'll trade the bike for the table. No brainer there.


  1. Nice, I just noticed you're registered in another half. Awesome stuff. Have you decided yet, are ya in for a full next year?? No pressure, /push /push /push j/k

  2. Nice that you are easing back into things again and including some stretching into the regimen!

    Another half? I didn't notice that!! Good for you Keith!!!!!

  3. Really? Another one? Where is that one....hmmmm....

  4. The half is in a provincial park just north of Camrose. The way I've got it on the page is a link to the site for full info. The oly is for fun and practice, and the other half is to prove the first wasn't a fluke and see if I can improve on my run.

    I've been thinking over future options, and have been discussing with Greg. Gonna build for IMC 2010. I could probably get through next year, but that would be a tough build with no real allowance for injury or sickness. Remember, I'm a whole lot older than the rest of you.

    I'll plan to do a couple half's next year, maybe GWN since everybody seems to have so much fun there. And maybe some sprints and Oly's for fun and training. The plan is to go to the training camps next year to see the course.

  5. Nice work signing up for your second half.

    Your smart to take your time training for the full. SOmetimes I wish I had taken an extra year to do it

  6. No that's totally cool Keith, you're a smart man the way you're building up to it. But what I like is you're not afraid to admit YOU'RE GONNA DO ONE. :) You obviously have the bug.

  7. I KNEW it!! Hee-hee-hee-hee!! Good for you Keith!!!!


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