Thursday, July 17, 2008

Damn drafters!

Wed am swim was a good solid brisk swim. Shared the lane with one other person. While I was getting my goggles sealed, I timed him so I'd know to start just in front of him, or just behind him. He turned out to be swimming 50 m in 65 seconds or so. I swim faster than that, so I started just ahead of him.

After about 6 or 7 laps I caught up to him. He stopped, let me by one lap quicker than I thought he would. And then the bugger started right behind me, and stayed just about right on my toes. I picked up the pace a bit, and he stayed right there. He even touched me a few times. By accident. Not the deliberate, "I've caught up to you and want to pass" sort of way. I figured since he let me by, he didn't want to pass me. Just draft.

The last couple laps I really picked it up for a strong finish, and left him half a length back. I was breathing strong, but not panting. He kept on going which was fine. I timed him, and he went back to his 65 seconds again, as opposed to the 58 or 59 we were doing. I guess he didn't want me to lap him twice. Or he can keep up when he's pacing someone, but can't drive himself to that pace.

I'm pretty pleased, 1000m in 19:21, feeling strong, good stroke, pretty good kick. Pace was brisk, but not all out, since I was still thinking about stroke mechanics and body positioning. My inner shark gently approved, though he was tempting me to turn and chomp after the second time he touched me. Stretched a few minutes after, then into the dive tank for about 15 minutes for more core work. Total 45 minutes.

After work Linda I planned to walk around the block, then follow along with a yoga DVD. However her knee went sort of wonky during the walk, and thought yoga wasn't a good idea. I puttered about a bit, doing a bit more stretching, and went to bed fairly early.

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  1. sounds like a great workout for both of you! him pushing you and you challenging him to keep up! brilliant!


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