Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tues part 2

Spin Class! I was looking forward to this. I got really organized last night to put my bike in the car, and all my bike stuff. To say nothing of getting organized for a run in the morning. AND taking breakfast, lunch (roast lamb and veggies, I'll have you know) and supper (more lamb and corn).

We did a bit of one leg drill, then settled down into 4 long sets of low heartrate, low cadence, fairly high gear. My heartrate was around 115-120 throughout, which is where Greg wanted it. Plus a few minutes of cool down.

Total is 1 hr 50 minutes, and I could have gone longer. I finally clued in that I was the only one there riding with cycling gloves on. I'm not sure why nobody else does. Maybe it's just one more thing to deal in a race day full of things to deal with. So I'm starting to get used to riding without them. Afterward I bought a spiffy new pair of Speed Theory cycling shorts. I was getting sick of doing laundry that often.

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  1. Don't get used to riding without them Sweetpea...cause you should have them when you are riding outside. Whenever we get outside!!! haha

    Two reasons for wearing them...If you do an endo, which I really hope you don't, you will save the palms of your hands as you go skidding across the asphalt.

    Second reason, if you ride over glass, you can just reach down and lay your gloved hand flat over the rolling tire(s) and hopefully any glass just resting on the tire will be flicked off. Slightly tricky to do with the back tire..

    If you aren't sure about doing that, just stop and use gloved palm to rub across tire to remove any glass. (It tends not to stick in right away, but if you keep riding eventually the glass will work it's way in and pop the tube.)

    See, even though I'm an engineer I really DO know some useful stuff. Tee hee.


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