Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tues part 1

Whahoo! The IGP called for 45 4/1 today. I started with a bunch of stretching, and rather than do a walk for 5 min to warm up like normal (read, like when it's been so frigging cold!) I started with a slow run. Really slow. Like about the same speed I normally walk at, just a different gait. Then I picked up.

9 x 4R 1W, with another minute and a half walk on to the end to get back to the car. Turnaround point was at 24:30, so the run back was significantly faster than the run out. Which isn't a surprise given the warmup. I started at 8th ave and Deerfoot, and ran along the bike path to where it comes close to the 32 Ave connecter as it turns north, right by the MD of Rocky View building.

I was in my training zone for 29 minutes, avg hr 122, peak 139, min 71, and my watch says I burned 731 calories. I don't believe that last number btw.

It felt really good. I varied my pace a bit at one point by leaning forward and running faster. I think that's where my heart rate peaked. There was one 4 minute chunk where I was in the groove and running well. I noted where that stopped and started, and checked it out on Google Maps. That says it was about 650 m, which is almost at my goal pace. Now I just have to go a smidgeon faster, and do it for another 20.5 K. No prob, right Greg?

At the end my calves were a good tired. I stretched more, then at the pool got lucky and got the good shower and let that beat on my legs for a while.

Bring on the spin class!

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