Sunday, February 24, 2008


There's so much I want to say. I used to say that I always celebrated life's little triumphs, because if I didn't, who else would? That was before starting to hang out with the tri community. I've never met a group of people so willing to see, understand, and celebrate when other people succeed. You have no idea how much that messes with the brain of an old cynic like me.

I have to tip my hat to my coach, Iron Greg. What an awesome performance in the heat! I'm sure looking forward to hearing the details. I only wish it had been on TV so we could watch it live. I'm sure the camera would have been on Susi a bit too, if she was the loudest (and certainly the cutest) spectator.

What am I celebrating today, you ask? The IGP™ called for a 90 minute spin in zone 2, 5 and 5 upper and lower, followed by a 20 to 30 minute run.

I cued up the ipod. Yes, I know I'm dating myself here. Sparks, Rush, Art of Noise, and Cheap Trick Live in Budokan (one of the best live rock and roll albums EVER!) and I was off.
10 min warm up
5 x 30 sec min high (but smooth) rpm with 90 seconds rest
10 x 5 min upper zone then 5 min lower zone.
5 x 30 sec min high (but smooth) rpm with 90 seconds rest
5 min cool down
Total 2.25 hr.

Most of the 30 second high rpm was about 115, nice and steady, with some bursts up to 120.

The harder 5 minute sets alternated between 90 rpm in an easy gear, and 60 rpm in a hard gear. This was the first time I've been on the bike where it was easier to keep going, than to stop. I've had this swimming a few times. It's such a cool feeling. While I notice the time going by, I was doing so good, and the bike was so smooth, I didn't even notice 90 min. Nothing hurt, which after last Thursday where everything hurt, was really nice. Coming up on 2 hours I kind of woke up and figured I had a run, so I'd better wind it up. I could easily have kept going for quite a while longer.

3 minute transition

I decided to hell with the 120 bpm speed limit, and just run with what my legs and lungs said was comfortable. Here are the kilometer breakdowns. Bear in mind I've forgotten exactly where the milestones are, since it was measured in my car. I've been meaning to do it on my bike and note it more exactly.
1 7:16 125 avg HR (this was a slow start as I eased into it.)
2 5:46 146 avg HR (I thought this was the quickest K, and distance is right to within 50 m or so.)
3 5:41 147 avg HR (Distance is probably within 50 m of being right.)
4 5:23 150 avg HR (I'm sure I pressed the button too soon, since this is much too fast.)
5 7:04 156 avg HR (I had slowed down a bit, but not this much. Two 6:15 K's are much more likely. I was slower at the end.)

Total time 31 min 9 seconds!!!!!!
Overall average HR 144, peak 164 (!), min 99 bpm.
For the young and fleet of foot among you, this is a relaxing, zone 2 pace you could keep up forever. But for me, a guy coming close to the age and treachery T shirt, a guy recovering from total blobitude, it is just eFfing incredible! My goal when starting to learn to run last September was to be able average a 6 minute K, and build the endurance to keep it up. Well, I'm only a whisker off that pace. I don't need to learn to run faster, just keep it up, and learn to lower the heart rate a bit. I am thrilled!

Overall, I think I pushed the limits there a bit, both in terms of heart rate and leg strength. I was never gasping for breath, but got close a couple times. My legs felt strong throughout. There was a bit of tugging at the hams, but for the first time my quads were noticing. Maybe my stride has changed. I walked about 5 minutes after to bring my heart rate down, then did some yoga, and had a nice lukewarm shower.

Now that I'm sitting and working on my blog, I can feel the slightest bit of a burn in my quads. My watch also says I burned 677 calories during the run. Which were promptly consumed after the shower with a delicious but not too big cinamon bun from Cobb Bakery and a chocolate chip cookie. I take my cookie QC duties seriously, I tell you.

Total for the week.
Swim 1.5 (Monday swim moved to the previous sunday and counted there.)
Bike 5.25 hr
Run 2.25 hr
Total 9 hours, which is right on the IGP™ for the week.


  1. YAHOOOOOO!!! Good job! What a great bike you had and then followed by the cosmic run! Way to go! Just think -- if you can do this NOW... what are you going to be capable of later on? Keep chuggin'! A most well-deserved cookie if I do say so. :) :) :)

  2. Hey Keith!
    Thanks for the comment on my blog!
    Sounds like you are doing great with your odyssey to planet fitness (I love that btw). Keep it up, and let your improvements and milestones be your inspiration to continue the journey. It is important to celebrate each one and on the days when it is a grind, remember days like today :-) It makes it all worthwhile doesn't it?
    Take good care,

  3. Yee haww! Great post - and great workout!! And just so you know, if I could run that fast with a low HR I would be tickled pink!! way to go!!

  4.!!! Sounds like a bit of a breakthrough. Good for you!!


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