Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Slow (no ish about it!) spin

I felt pretty good after the run this morning, but was getting more tired by the afternoon, and my upper back started tightening up. By the time spin class started I knew I was going to have a problem. Even during the warmup my legs didn't want to go very fast, or work very hard, and my lungs didn't want to breath too deeply at all. It will be no surprise to hear that it was all downhill from there.

Kyle hosted a good workout, but I simply wasn't up for it. For what was planned to be a fairly hard workout by my standards, my heartrate didn't get above 120. I stopped after 1.5 hours on the bike. It wasn't a bonk situation, it was more like a battery slowly running down. What with this supposed to be a recovery week, and my big effort on the weekend (and dammit I'm still proud of that!) and a having a big day at work tomorrow where I'm leading our organization through a process review and I need to be sharp, I decided not to tough it out.

In fact, I'm going to see how my back feels tomorrow morning, and I might not swim, even. Which is saying a lot for me because I really like my swim. I'm keeping an eye on the long term goal, to improve my fitness and NOT injure myself doing it. I think I pushed up against my current limits on Sunday. At my advanced age, one needs to be cautious about pushing the limits.


  1. Keith - I hear you on the battery running out - I was the same last night but I only had 60 minutes on the bike. It was hard pretty much the enitre way. I was running on low calorie intake and ug - it was hard....i also have to continually remind myself that to get to the goal - you have to get there in a healthy state. Injuries now do you no good as it is so hard to recover as you build.

  2. Gasp! Skip your swim! That would be like me skipping my bike! I feel your pain from mine last week. Try to get some sleep and thanks for the bear image. I'll be thinking about the accountants I work for rubbing themselves against door frames in the privacy of their office!

  3. Make sure you are eating enough of the right foods too -- that is my biggest problem. Take care of that back!


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