Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Slow-ish run

For reasons too complicated to explain, I ended up running exactly the same route as on the weekend. Much slower though! It was supposed to be 40 to 45 min 6R 1W. My legs were still a bit tired from the weekend, but willing. I did some stretching before and after, but really, I should probably do more.

5 min warmup brisk walk
5 x 6R/1W
5 min cool down walk
Total 45 min, all while keeping the heart rate at or under 120.

For most of the run my heart rate wasn't an issue, since my legs didn't really want to run any faster. A couple of times I noticed it creeping up on me and slowed down again. It was a nice morning for a run, but I'm glad I'd seen all the ice on the weekend. There was a spot that looked like sidewalk, but was in fact ice. I took a couple of quick steps and did a slide, then kept on going.

I'm going straight to spin class, but I'm not gonna rush. The plan is to get there in time to set up and change, and be on the bike for 10 or 15 minutes before the session. Details later....


  1. keith in regards to your comment on my blog - you do know you can buy trainer specific tires right? They are orange :) I have a perfectly good one sitting in my garage as I flatten out my use to be perfectly good tire as well....It will be so freeing to be able to get out on the open road and just ride ...ahhhh

  2. Yes, I'd known this, but hadn't really thought about it. There's the bother of buying the trainer tire and putting it on, and to be honest, I hadn't thought I'd scrub off so much rubber. When I buy a new tire for outside use, I'll get a proper trainer tire at the same time, and get a lesson on how to change tires, then I'll be all set.

  3. I haven't been able to put on a brand spanking new tire (trainer or not) on my bike yet. There is this awesome local guy I run to every time I need something ... God Bless small towns! :)

    Sounds like you did some fancy footwork on that run -- a little jig or caper around the ice. I can see it now -- Keith's Odyssey to Planet Riverdance!! :) :) :)


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