Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A sloppy enchilada in Calgary

The weather and roads, that is. One thing I like about Calgary is that you never quite know what you're going to get. It helps support the Andy Kelp theory of life, "every day is another chance to overcome the unexpected." Quick, a prize for the first one who can tell me who Andy Kelp is, and why that's so funny.

The swim today was at the Geezer Pool. Power is out at FOMC. Fortunately I knew that before I started driving there.
500 m 9:27 warmup, feeling a little tired and creaky at the start.
10 x 1000 m on 2:30 start, aiming for 1:50 per interval. The first was 1:40 seconds, and the last couple were 1:47 or so. Most in the middle were about 1:45 or so, which is a pleasing surprise. Heart rate at the end was mid 140's, and dropped to just under 100 in a minute.
10 minutes of core and flexibility in the dive tank.
Total 45 min.

Somebody made the mistake of wandering into my lane, and I swam right over him, her or it, and kept on going. Next thing I noticed was that the only other person that was sharing the dual lane with me has moved waaaaay over to the far side instead of thrashing up and down the middle. Good. Mess up MY intervals will you?! More practice for the open water start.


  1. remind me to stay the hell away from you mr. bulldozer .... Flailers beware..Keith is on a mission!!!

  2. We should try this in the spring...

  3. holy mother trucker it was nasty driving in!!! couldn't see the road for shite. urgh. least the trains were running.

    oh, and andy kelp is john dortmunder's side kick. do i get a prize that involves dark chocolate??

    good on ya for practicing swimming over top of people, you'll need that come summer!!

  4. And Susi wins!!!

    Dark chocolate it is. Drop by anytime. Bernard Callebaut!! Actually, now that I think of it, that's only a few blocks from your work. We could do a chocolate lunch!

  5. oops, i just drooled onto my keyboard... heh heh.


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