Sunday, February 17, 2008

A new first for me!

Today is the first day I have swum, biked, and ran. And I did it all before noon to, if that gets me any more brownie points.

Normally Sunday is my bike and run day, but since tomorrow is a stat holiday, my pool is closed. So I moved up the swim to today, figuring that a rest day before, and a rest day after, AND being careful during the workout would make it all good. Greg has been having us work out in zone 2 recently, so I carried that over to the whole workout. For me that works out to a heart rate between 102 and 120. The enterprising and mathematically adept of you will be able to figure out my age. Oh well, sooner or later it's going to be in race results for all to see, and besides, age ain't nuthing but a number.

1000 m 20:50. This is significantly slower than my usual pace, but heart rate was about 115 or a little more. I walked through a running shower, dried off, put on bike workout gear (except for shoes), and drove home.

Put on shoes and gloves, and got on the Bike
10 min warm up
6 x 5 at upper zone 2, 5 at lower zone 2
5 min cooldown
Total 1.25 hr. My thought was to pedal between 80 and 90 rpm, and adjust gearing to get the desired heart rate. This got a bit strange on me. I ended up gradually working up to harder gears, and I ended up having to actually pedal to keep my heart rate over 100. Typically less than minute after finishing a work set, getting some water, swabbing my head, and my heart rate was dropping below 100.

3:45 transition

The plan said to run for 20 minutes. I wanted to try to keep my heat rate under 120 and see what happens. Normally I run at 135 to 145 heartrate. I'm sure Jenna and Kelly will sympathize with me here. It's downright unnatural to run so much slower than what you know you can. Especially when you run as slow as I do. I think Kelly mentioned a 10:50 mile as being slow, and I can't do that at any heart rate yet.

Still, I was good for about 15 min, then heart rate crept up into the 120's and stayed there so I walked 30 seconds or so. That lasted another 15 min or so, and I walked briefly again. Then, I just had to, I ran at a comfortable pace for just a few minutes, which turned out to be 135 heartrate, then dialed it back, and heart rate dropped to mid 120's, and stayed there till the end of the run. That turned out to be 5Km in 40:30.

And I guess what's important about this, is that I could go do it all again! Well, except that the pool isn't open for lane swim. And I don't have a clean pair of bike shorts. And my favourite running jacket is all damp and icky now. The only muscles that complained were my hip flexors, especially the left, which is the real reason I walked. There was a ton of ice on the sidewalks and roads, so I was being very careful where I put my feet.

Weekly totals
Swim 2.58 hr
Bike 4.58 hr
Run 1.35 hr
Total 8.5 hrs

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  1. Yay! Good for you Keith! You had a great workout today!! My hips are my weakest link as well -- I have to stretch thoroughly after my long runs. (Only a fellow triathlete would understand that this is a perfectly normal comment to make!) Good job for listening to your body and walking when you had to!!


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