Monday, February 11, 2008

Monday, Monday

I'm sure glad today was a swim day and not a run day. My massage therapist worked me over good, and I slept really well. Getting up was tough. The comparison I made was to a calm pond. The water on top only looks nice. But there's a layer of filth and corruption in the mud, and the only way to clean it up is to stir real good. I feel like my muscles have been stirred real good. I'm sure as the muscles settle down again, they will be better than before. Hopefully before run day tomorrow. At least it's warmer out.

1500 m 29 minutes.
15 min core and flexibility in the dive tank.
Not the best swim ever, but not bad. I goofed a couple times on pressing the button for split times so I won't include those numbers this time. And who wants to read that kind minutia anyway? Besides, I was distracted. Two other guys in the lane this am, one of whom I have to push just a bit to stay ahead of. Both took a lot of space at the end of the lanes when they were resting. One guy tried moving at the last second to make more room, and just about ended up getting a kidney removed. Both are a bit of a thrash when it comes to swimming. Can you say "bow wave"? I thought you could.

And did I say that I signed up for the Chinook Half? I'm so excited by that. I was looking at the times for my age group. Last year there was 25 people in my age group. The median time is around 6 hours. The slowest guy was 7:47:51. So there's my target, I don't want to be the slowest person in my age group. But really, my goal is to finish without having to crawl across the finish line.

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