Tuesday, February 19, 2008

in Blog withdrawl

The IGP™ called for 45 minute 5/1 today. I decided to go with the 120 bpm speed limit again, just to see where it would go. Today, oddly enough, I didn't seem to be going much, if any slower than usual. I ran a slightly different route so I can't compare directly to other runs. Leave that for Thursday morning.

The run itself was excellent. I was mostly under 120 or so, with one blip up to 130 when I chugged up a small hill at the same pace, then brought it back down to 122 while still running. What was really cool is that sunrise happened during the run, so I could actually see my watch without angling it toward a light or turning on the internal light.

Stretching to start, with a minute walking briskly
7 x 5R/1W with a few minutes cool down walking after, then more stretching.
45 minutes total.

Today I ran south of 8th Ave, toward the Bow River. I was thinking of running along the river toward the zoo, but they've got it blocked off for some reason. Oh well. Ran back to the car, then a little further, and back again.

I am in serious blog withdrawl here. In spite of adding some new blogs to follow, only Julie updated hers. Susi and Greg have an excuse, and I recall Kelly saying she was off to Deadmonton this weekend, but I'm wondering what everybody else was up to?

Here comes spin class!


  1. Don't worry, Keith -- I feel your pain! I'm suffering from it too! :)

  2. I go to other people's home pages and see if they have anyone I can lurk off of.

    Also I use www.mapmyrun.com to check my distances!


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