Sunday, February 3, 2008

First Sunday bike run in a couple of weeks

That felt great!

I was a bit apprehensive about the bike and run. My legs have been feeling better, but there's been odd twinges every now and then. So I decided on a short moderate effort workout today.

20 minute progressive warmup on the bike, topping out at a little over 100 rpm
10 x 2 min hard-ish then 2 relax
5 min cooldown

Change into run clothing for a 3 Km run walk.
2R 1W
3R 1W
3 x 4R 1W
3 min walking cooldown
20 min stretching

So, 1 hr on the bike, 25 min run.

The two minute effort on the bike was an alteration of 100-105 rpm in an easy gear, and about 80 rpm in a hard gear. Overall they started easy, and got harder throughout. However, let's not be mistaken in thinking I was sweating a bucket here; there was a bit but I didn't really need a towel. I don't think my heartrate ever got above 125 during the ride, and my breathing was always easy and steady. It wasn't about lungs and heart, it was about legs. They felt good, though during the higher rpm intervals, it's like the left calf was a bit flabbier and bouncing a bit more than the right. An odd feeling. The hams felt pretty good though I could feel some twinges there, especially on the left leg.

The run went really well, mostly about 130, and never over 135 heartrate. No twinges, aches or other complaints from my legs. It wasn't until the last set that my stride settled into a groove again. Most of the run felt a little bouncy, though I was trying to keep my stride smooth and light. I had guessed it was between -10 and -15 out and the weather people said -13. Positively balmy compared to the last little while. It was nice to be out running again.

During the strech I got an excellent click from the area in my back my massage therapist always works on. After my shower I rubbed most of my legs with Tiger Balm, and I'm feeling the heat now

Weekly totals
Swim 1 hr
Bike 1.5 hr
Run .35
Total 2.85

I'm thinking next week I should be able to get into my normal schedule for workouts, though I'll probably still dial back on intensity, and see how I feel.

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