Friday, February 1, 2008

A fine swim

Today was the first regular swim workout for about a week. It's still dialed back a bit from my usual Friday routine.

1000 m 19 min exactly, at a strong effort. For a while I was on track for about 18:45 or so, with a 500 m time of 9:20, but there were a few slow laps in the last half where I lost focus. Then about 20 minutes in the dive tank working on core and flexibility.

I was feeling pretty good after the spin last night, though I didn't get as much sleep as I would have liked. I've been paying more attention to my legs in the last little while, and it's like they don't quite know what to think. The calves are ok, but the part I notice most is the hams, down low behind the knee. This morning the sore part is the hip flexors. Well, not sore, that isn't the right word. A bit tired perhaps.

And in the nice surprise department, 241. I was expecting to be up a bit, what with essentially not working out last week or so. So to be the same from last week is quite acceptable.

I've been feeling like I've been on a bit of a plateau again for swimming for the last while, but with the good progress in running and biking I've not worried about it. Having the rest is going to be a good thing, provided I don't overdo it as I get back into the routine. Oddly enough, I've missed the workouts a bit. Infected, yes, that was the word.

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  1. infected.... it happens to good people too :)


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