Sunday, February 10, 2008

Appropriate day for the Hypothermic Half

And no, I wasn't in it. However, my friends Sean and Lori were and I met them at the finish line. Lori was just over 2 hours and Sean a few minutes behind her. People had frost built up on their eyebrows and eyelashes, their hats and jacets, and most of them steamed gently after completing the race. It was effing cold. The first guy I saw crossed the finish line about 1:20 looking like he'd been out for a morning stroll. The first woman was about 1:30.

After that I went home for my own workout in my nice warm basement; only an hour on the spin trainer.
10 min warm up.
40 min at 85-90 rpm, with gears getting harder periodically. At 30 minutes into the workout I was at mid 130's, cycling on the big chainring and with only 3 harder gears left. This felt strong and consistent. There were only a few minutes where the pace faltered, like when I was getting a drink. Breathing was in control, and I was just beginning to feel the burn in my legs.
10 min cooldown, 90 rpm in a very easy gear.

1 hr total.

Then a 3 minute transition, and out into the cold again. I ran around the block, which is 3Km in exactly 21 minutes. My heart rate was high 140's for most of it. The peak was 156, average 139. I started slow and easy and picked up the pace throughout. I'm really pleased. No problems with my legs at all. My massage therapist is here, and I'm looking forward to a longer than normal massage.

The big news for me is that I actually signed up for the Chinook Half! Credit card and all.

Overall, my hours this week.
Swim 1.6hrs
Bike 3.4 hrs
Run 1.75 hrs
Total 6.75 hrs

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