Thursday, June 13, 2024

Peonies, pending

I think they're messing with us. Remember that old ketchup commercial, aaaaannnnnnntiiiicccccciiiiipaaaaationnnnnnnnn?

That's what we're doing, waiting for the peonies to bloom, hoping it happens before we leave on our trip. Maybe I'll have to give our house sitter a quick reminder on how to use my camera.

Here's a quick tour of the peonies.

1. A new one in our front patio. I think this is the first time this one has bloomed, so I don't know what it will look like. 

2. The famous white peony. It actually seems a bit subdued this year, or maybe just got off to a slow start.

3. White peony bud.

4. The red peony on the other side of the raised bed is a bit bigger, and maybe a little further along.

5. These two are fairly new, with the left hand one being newer. The right one puts out amazing pink blossoms, and I think the left one will be white. They're both bigger than the red and white peony, so I think the location agrees with them.

6. A bud on the left one.

7. And the right one.

8. We planted a pair of tree peonies several years ago. One died, and this one has slowly settled in, as peonies are wont to do. This is the first year for this one to bloom, and we can't wait.

The big pink peony in the back bed must have had a tough winter, or it thinks it's roots were disturbed when Linda planted something else near it. It's only sent up one stalk so far, and no buds. Then again, it's always run a little behind the others. Wait and see.

There's a couple other peonies growing, but they're new and still settling in.

Of the Day
Driftwood (NZ)


Film (new)
An untypical image for me, but I really liked how the clouds looked like someone was blowing on the tree. This was during a walk along the Bow river looking for long exposure photos. I was pleased I removed the ND filter first.

Michelle X2

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