Friday, May 17, 2024

Recent walks in Fish Creek

Spring has well and truly sprung. Well, except that it might get down to frosty tonight, so Linda has tucked the plants away. Just in case. These are awaiting the hanging basket creation.

And just as well. I was doing a last read over before publishing on Friday morning, and yes, it's snowing. Sigh.

I've been taking the big camera for walks in Fish Creek lately. I've put 2 rolls of Delta 100 through, working on capturing river scenes. Some are long exposures.

1. I just love this burl. I'm not even sure how many photos I have of it, and I've never been entirely happy with them. This comes closest, so far. Maybe I'll do a blog with all the burl photos in one place, but I have to find them first.

2. Yet another example of how the camera sees water differently than our eyes do. I might go back and try this as a long exposure.

3. You never quite know how long exposure photos will turn out, and I'm pleased with this one. It would have been nice to not include the branches, but I couldn't get another viewpoint, and I wasn't about to climb down to trim them.

4. I'm trying to remember why I didn't do this as a long exposure. Or maybe I did, and the ripples didn't move much.

5. Two slightly different versions of this beaver lodge and dam. The first is a much longer exposure, close to a minute if I remember correctly.

6. This one is much shorter, maybe 5 seconds or so, done by opening the aperture. Do you like one better than the other?

7. From bridge 9 looking west, liking the trees against the sky. 

8. Reflections in the creek are almost always interesting, and I like the texture of the grass in the foreground. 

9. I needed one more exposure to finish this roll, and the log called to me.

Of the Day
Driftwood (NZ)


Film (new)
A lonely flower peering out of a filthy downtown window.

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