Friday, February 2, 2024

January Image of the Month

Just two related images this time. I wasn't out with any of the cameras all that much. Most of the images that show up in January were taken between late November and mid January or so, using 2 rolls of black and white film. I consider those in the month I scan them. I've blogged some of those here, if you haven't seen them. 

Most of the images are perfectly fine, and I'm happy with them, but they don't quite make the podium. In a couple senses, these two are not 'good' photos. There's lens flare from aiming into the sun, and all the dust spots you can count. They aren't 'of' anything in particular. 

But. I loved how the shadows and texture of the snow interacted in the runner up. I stopped and stared at the snow on the tree branches, hoping the film would catch the delicacy of the scene.

And it turns out the lens flare is exactly what I like about these images, and how it fades into dark shadows.

Runner up.

Image of the Month

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  1. As I think I mentioned before, I like the grain on the IotM. Given how sparkly I think this scene was, the foreground could be brighter, as the image feels a little dull. Cheers, Sean


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