Friday, September 1, 2023

August Image of the Month

Doing things slightly differently this month. It was a slow month in the taking photos department, with most of the image related work going into several photo books. I just had one arrive yesterday, a small test trade book with Alberta landscapes. There's a big lay flat arriving early next week, more details then.

Not all photos I take are up for Image of the Month consideration. Then there were a few portraits at an event, where people loved the portraits, but don't want them made public here. Fully two thirds of the images were on one day, as I covered the recent Wild Rose triathlon. This worked out very well for all involved. Those who want to can see the photos on the Races tab of my photoblog page.

The remaining images are my normal photos. You know, the garden, bees, Fish Creek. Some film, some digital. Nothing that tips over to 4 stars. But there are two really similar images I like, and thought I'd show them both, being about 3.5 stars each. They look like comparison images, but not so. I just was fortunate to be in the same viewpoint on two different days without any wind. I don't think I was standing in exactly the same spot, and there are two different focal lengths to consider. Which do you prefer?

Honourable Mentions
From a walk in Fish Creek on August 2

And this one from August 20. Film is AcrosII on 35mm.

Image of the Month
In one sense the image of the month isn't a technically difficult photo, or particularly artistic, or wow in any sense of the word. It isn't anything else that has been considered in the monthly selection. But it has tremendous meaning for me, in that it's my first public photo book, and I'm enormously proud of the photos and how they turned out in the book. So far nothing but rave reviews from those that have seen it, though only one person has raved enough to buy it. You can preview the first 15 pages here. One person has already asked how I would feel if they bought the book, and cut it apart so they could frame the panorama photos. My thinking is, if you've bought it, the book is yours. Just respect the image and text copyright.

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