Friday, May 27, 2016

Marathon and regular running maps.

You don't want to hear about Thursday at work. We both had a big glass of wine after. I felt fine after the fast run on Wednesday, and still feel fine now.

Friday was a bit of thrashing around in the pool. First in the dive tank, then the hot tub, then back in the (cold) competition pool for an easy easy 500, chat to Katie as she ran, back in the (what seemed lukewarm) hot tub.

Home. Breakfast, then picking up my buddy Janice. We had a nice cup of tea as she checked out the garden she's only seen photos of. Then it was off to drive the marathon course. Mostly. She lived here a long time ago, and there's been lots of changes. There's one piece near the zoo we couldn't drive, there was some road closures in East Village, and we skipped one bit of it going downhill through Mt Royal around K 25.

We both realized we were hungry just near the out and back on Memorial, so of course we stopped in at Lazy Loaf and Kettle. Then the rest of the course and back for package pick up. No line up. Strolled the expo and said hello to several buddies (Neil, Richelle, Rose, Madi, Martin ). Then back through really heavy traffic home again. There are some last minute nerves, but we are ready!

I, of course, am not doing the marathon. Here's the 10 K route.

It was a lovely way to spend most of the day, chatting with someone I've only seen a few times, but we both blog, and comment, and exchange witty banter on Facebook, so it's seeing an old friend again. (And neither of us are old, so lets just make sure that's clear!)

So the map project. I knew I was going to be doing lots of running this year. Along the way I've heard of people walking every street in New York, and there's a guy doing that in Calgary. I had the happy thought of doing my runs on different parts of the bike path, and decided to start with the ones nearest water. That's along Fish Creek, the Elbow River and Glenmore Reservoir, Nose Creek, the Bow River, and as an extension the Western Irrigation District canal.

I've been marking them off by highlighting them on a bike path map, but they don't show up quite as well as I'd like.

In case it doesn't show up in your browser very well, it's from the reservoir, down to Fish Creek, across to the Bow, upstream on both sides in places, missing one spot, then up Nose Creek to 32nd. Along the Bow, missing a spot, out to Bowness. I'll do missing bit on the Bow on a lunch time run from work, and along the Elbow maybe partly a run at lunch from work, and maybe from Talisman home running after work. There is sort of a plan. We did along the canal till the construction at Glenmore. I'll need to scout out a place to park and make sure there isn't any more construction along the canal. It would be nice to run it all the way out to Chestermere, over several runs.

Once all that is done, I'll start on the round Calgary bike path. I've already done some of it, but there's lots more. I think it's done early 2017, so some of it might be a next year thing.


  1. I've just been informed I'll be marshalling on or near 11 Ave and 1st Street SW!! I hope I'll be able to see and cheer you on!!

    1. You will see Janice (bib 1440) but not me. Have fun with it!


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