Sunday, April 3, 2016

So I forgot to tell you yesterday

During the first outdoor ride yesterday, I somehow forgot to tell you all about a major, inspiring first for me. I can't imagine how, till Michelle remarked she was astonished it hadn't appeared in the blog. Oops. My bad. Another sign of the impending collapse of my bodily systems.

What was that, you ask? Well, I'm slow on the bike, except for going downhill, and I think that's more Estella than me. Maybe I won the bike lottery and got the production model with ceramic bearings or something. But on the flats and especially uphill I get passed a lot. I don't go on group rides because I'll get dropped. I'm used to it.

But yesterday I passed someone while going up hill! Yay me! Another first!

Today was a quest to fill in more of the map. Michelle and I drove to Angels by Edworthy park, started our tech, and started our legs. Across the bridge, along the path to 14 St, across, and back. 11 K, 1:22, rock steady 7:30 pace on legs that were feeling meh about the whole thing.

I suspect I wouldn't have done it if I'd tried to do it alone. The ride yesterday was a good solid effort, perhaps I'd pushed a little harder than I thought I had. My legs weren't dead today, but were tired. After the run they're feeling pretty good. All I can say is the hot tub better not be out of action tomorrow morning!

Along the way we discovered someone has been busy playing with rocks in the bow river. Very cool! There was more in one of the little islands, but I didn't take a photo. I love this kind of ephemeral art. They've put a lot of time into it, knowing the river will wash it away at some point, or that some goon could come kick it over for jollies. No, I don't know what the little sign says. If any of my readers have looked more closely and know, please comment.

After the run we nibbled yummy Linda gluten free scones, drank coffee, and played with Snapseed to figure out the save. Pooched. They've made it easy to do anything but save it to the camera roll. Screw you Google. The hunt for a replacement has already started. I'm thinking about the whole process of what happens after I take a photo. Where it goes, if it gets edited, what it gets used for, all that. Not happy with the current state of affairs.

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  1. I pass that every time I run at lunch (I hop on the pathways at the 14th street bridge). I think it says love is art or something along those lines.


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