Monday, September 22, 2014

Catly iPad repression

Sunday was a brutal day. BRUTAL! Business tax prep. Technically it isn't hard. My accountant needs a bit of info. It's just that finding it is tedious. I know perfectly well that if I organized myself better it would be trivially easy. I even know how to organize myself. But I haven't.

I had a list of the things that needed to be put together. I'd start, and stay focussed on one of them, searching the various mounds of paper, or on line reports for the number I needed. Then the next one. I took breaks fairly often because this is very stressful for me.

In the end I got it all gathered, and sent off. Did I mention this was stressful, and I hate doing this sort of work? Even filing expense account paperwork, or claiming medical expenses makes my blood run cold. I've been known to not claim money I'm entitled to because I can't find a receipt, or the trouble of filing the form is more trouble than it's worth to me.

At the end she gives me a summary, pay these amounts to these places. Holy crap, that is major stress. Each account is a long string of numbers, but the important part is the letter in the middle. There will be a T, or an R, or something else. And the interface on the government form is very bad. I always worry that I'm sending something to the wrong account. Or that I'm late with something, that's happened. It's much easier being an employee.

Then tonight I get a followup request. I nearly panicked right then and there. She wanted several things, all reasonable, all the actual document rather than my summary number. After some deep breathing I worked through that. Then one that I didn't know what it is, or what she wants and I'm sweating worse than a spin session in a sauna, frantically trying to figure out what she wants, and if I have it. In the end, I think I found it and gave it to her. I'll find out tomorrow, I guess. I should probably buy a tranquilizer on the way home.

I really do have to take some time and get the paperwork properly organized, and set up a better system, and actually do it. The real pity was that yesterday was so nice, and there I was indoors for much of it.

I consoled myself after the tax brutality with BBQ rack of lamb. And wine, lots of wine. The fish shaped place mats are another souvenir of Nova Scotia. (Stupid blogger and photo rotating.) And for some reason the meat shows up much pinker than it really was.

Today was a really nice swim. It's coming back together. And squats! Sometimes today or late yesterday I realized I could do squats again! This is wonderful, being able to bend my knees without pain.

To tease you with a bit of foreshadowing, I'm mentally working on a blog about the epic failures of America foreign policy, and the fear the Harper government is falling into the same trap.

And the highlight of today's blog, Curtis showing his opinion of the iPad. He is really grumpy lately if I try to have any devices going while he wants a lap.


  1. I'm so glad your swimming and knees are doing better-that's what I'm working on too ;)

  2. Glad you got your tax stuff together. I don't blame you for feeling stressed. And there I was posting videos of the beach. That really wasn't nice - but, honestly, I had no idea.

    Glad too that your swimming's going well and your knees feel better. I almost signed up for swimming lessons last night, then decided I didn't want to go into the grotty pool nearest to our city house. I'll check out the one in Bridgewater next weekend and see how I feel about it.

    Curtis is a pain but how lovely having a snuggle-puss. I'm still working on Nemmie. The last two nights she slept with me - at the bottom of the bed, from whence she could make a fast getaway if the need arose. It didn't.

    Look forward to the rant!

    1. The Bridgewater pool is lovel! I'd be happy to be swimming there regularly. And cheap! Only thing is having to drive through Bridgewater, which most days wasn't bad, except one day when traffic was brutal. At first we thought it was an outbreak of geezers, but the ferry guy told us the truth. I loved the video of the beach!


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