Saturday, December 21, 2013

Cats. Snow. Rant link. Nice run.

If you missed it, there was a major rant yesterday on the recent developments about the prostitution laws. There may be a follow up rant about "judicial activism" as perceived by Conservative sycophants taking orders from the boys in short pants from Harper's office.

But today was the first day of a two week vacation. We aren't planning on going anywhere. Lots to do around the house. Working on my book. Working out. Tasks around the house. RELAXING!

Here's some photos from the last few days. Like the other day, whatever order they appear in is the order I'll talk about them.

This is this morning. Curtis is draped over the cat condo. It's nearly half a meter long, and he's draped over both ends. At once. I didn't actually touch him, tempted as I was. He wouldn't mind me touching his back toes or tail. His front paws he'd retract and look offended.

Celina had been left behind after Linda got up. A few seconds later she was snoozing again. She's a hard snoozer.

Some photos of all the snow we've had lately. They said we've broken a 112 year old record for snow in December, and the month isn't even close to being over. There's more than a foot in the back yard.

This is where I started today's run. My immediate neighbours are really good about shoveling. Some of them further away are not, and I spent some time running on the road.

Linda cooked and baked while I was running. I came home to these for dessert. They are very yummy.

This will be supper tonight. Or tomorrow. I'm not that hungry after a roast chicken and dressing dinner.

With wine, of course. This is the Torrontes. It's a beautiful amber colour, with gentle fruit flavors of apple and pear.

How could I not take these photos of Curtis this morning? I was trying to write and had the phone to hand. Darn cats, so distracting. And he wonders why I don't take him to the office. I'd never get anything done.

It was perfect weather for a run. Sunny and not too cold, maybe -15 C or so. Just above zero F. Not much wind. Ran 5 K very easy, 37 minutes around the neighborhood.

Working on the book today, making good progress.

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