Tuesday, November 19, 2013

She thought it was a relative

It's a little cool here lately. I actually had to dig out my mittens so I wouldn't freeze my hands on the shovel. Celina got all excited.

She was all over that mitten. I was afraid to leave it on the little stub wall for fear of it being dragged off.

Swam Monday, nice 1000 m just over 19 minutes. Kick, pull, some water running, 40 minutes. I think I got goggles a bit too small. Who wants a pair of small Aquasphere goggles worn only a couple times? I need to get medium or large. Water feel is coming along, even though my stroke didn't feel too strong.

No writing at all Monday. Looking it all over for edit potential, and seeing where I can add some bits. I'm working on one of them tonight, 900 words or so in, after a BRUTAL commute home. Normally going from our massage therapist to home is about a 40 minute drive, the time we do it. Tonight was almost 2 hours! Volume, they say.


  1. A two-hour commute? Shudder. Road conditions or idiots (or both)?

    1. Roads. It snowed yesterday, and today. Streets were in pretty good shape, I think everybody just tried to leave work at the same time. Plus a few collisions. Glenmore trail was a parking lot. It's 16 K home via the bike paths. Not that I'd want to run that far, but I could have run home quicker than driving.

  2. Two hours *shudder*. Calgary has become such a driving hell - and I thought it was bad getting from the NW to Chinook at 4:30/5:00 on week nights 20+ years ago!!

    Love that Celina adores your mittens. I hauled winter stuff out this weekend, summer stuff cleaned and away, and Taz has taken my running mittens out of the basket every day since. I find them on the couch when she gets up - because she's been sleeping on them. Crazy animals!!

  3. When I first moved here in 1980, people complained about the traffic. Having learned to drive in Toronto and nearby, I thought the roads were empty. If you remember Elbow drive, it took me 1 hour to go from Sifton Blvd to Glenmore trail.
    I can't leave these mittens out. She would drag them off and do who knows what to them. I might not want them to be mittens after.

  4. Still laughing at your post title. Sweet little Celina! Let's hope for a decent commute tonight, weather improves tomorrow so one can hope.


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