Friday, July 12, 2013

I didn't get in trouble

Some people find trouble, or it finds them to hear them tell the story. Maybe I'm just a staid old stick, or have led much too sensible a life, but the one afternoon I go out receptive to trouble, what happens? I take public transit home and nothing happens.

Here was my view.

This was shortly after I found a food truck. I wandered around downtown a bit, enjoying the views. Things were thinning out though. Those that had to go back to the office were doing it, and those that were going to the grounds were doing that, and those determined to go drinking had already started. There was a drunk on the LRT making a nuisance of himself.

Three breakfasts for me this week. One by the landlord of the building, right beside the receiving docks. Bleah. One by SI, a company I contract through periodically. I know a bunch of people that work through them, and have a good relationship with several of the staff. It was at Craft Beer Market and was excellent! That's even without having the coffee with Bailys in it, and I think it would have tasted better that way. Several of us from work wandered over. I chatted with a few people I've worked with before. The band was actually pretty good, pumping it out like they were auditioning for that big contract. More fun was watching one co-worker avoiding a couple girls hitting on him. (Stampede has an equal opportunity policy when it comes to hitting on a potential partner. Nobody is shy this time of year.) The third was Randstad. I'm contracting through them right now. Their people are really friendly, and worked hard to show us a good time. So far they haven't called to say I won the iPad mini that I'd give to Linda. The band was so-so but at least it wasn't loud. The band is almost always too loud. The food wasn't so hot, but it was nice to sit and chat. No lunches this year, which is a bit unusual.

The one annoyance for me this year was the erratic paths people take. Normally there is a pattern to crowd movements. I can tune in and slip through, even during Stampede. Not this week. People were wandering around like half slaughtered sheep. Good thing I wasn't in a rush. It would have been horrible to miss the variation on this year's dress. It's a white lace overdress, not quite knee length, with a white solid under dress, down to about mid thigh. I saw sleeved and sleeveless variants. It looks nice, and is practical in the sunny heat. This girl was wearing a bikini under the lace part of the dress. She clearly had the figure for it. Lots of people taking second looks.

The installation is still under way, though it hasn't been the full crew every day. They started on the back today, and are about half done.

I'm impressed by him. That top slab of rock for the step weighs about 500 pounds, and it's been shifted out a few inches to give him room to work. When he first looked at it he thought it would be ok. I guess not. I wish he'd said something when I was there and we could have worked together to move it.

Must head downstairs and stretch.

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