Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I am 40

I nearly fell asleep several times in yoga class. We were doing lots of stuff on our backs, and I was tired. From something she said at the beginning of class, I was singing this to myself.

The knee police, she lives inside of my pose
The knee police, she looks up from my toes
The knee police, she watches during tree

She knows that talk is free, and we'll cheat if we can
And when we do some poses I don't think I'll survive the class, the class

Cause she's waiting for me
Cause she's looking at me
Every single pose all night
Those watchers of my pose

(with apologies to Cheap Trick)

I picked up the swag bag for Chinook. The hard part was getting the ATA card. I found the page all right on my phone, but every time I tried to type something, the keyboard slid down. I've never seen that happen before. It was infuriating. Eventually the volunteers took pity on me and let me borrow the laptop. Here's the stuff.


  1. Good luck in the Chinook tri! Unfortunately, we will be out of town - I would love to check it out. Have fun!!!

  2. See you on Saturday! I'm picking up my package tonight.

  3. It's an early start to a day when you have kids. I start at 8, thrashing away with the rest of the mob. The spectators wait about 15 minutes till the first swimmers come out, run around a buoy, and dive back in again. Next time around they come out and you get to watch a bunch of people struggling with their wetsuits, and run to transition. So by 9am all the action is over. Linda goes home when I get out of transition. Nothing happens for a while. A long while. So don't feel guilty about not showing up. I admit that unless it's a course with lots of loops leading past transition, triathlon isn't the most spectator friendly sport in the world.


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