Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I deserved that glass of wine

The first thing I did after getting home from work and changing, was to pour a glass of wine. What a day! It started off well, with a very nice and relaxing swim. Nothing to speak of compared to a year ago, but that was then. Today was a relaxing half an hour, working on stroke, and getting the feel of the water again. Then into the amazing hot tub. I love the hot tub at Renfrew. My cranky leg was feeling much better after that.

Then work, which normally goes pretty well, and did so until two meetings at the end of the day. Even though everybody left the meeting room, and has probably gone home for the day, I don't think either meeting is over. If you know what I mean. The wine tasted very good, and I suspect I'll be having another glass of it tomorrow night. If you know what I mean.

I got in about a half hour of stretching later in the evening. It's so nice down there, and so stuffy upstairs. Maybe I'll sleep down there. My leg had got progressively more cranky throughout the day and it was very nice to stretch it out. Feeling better now. Still not totally right, but better.

Many of my buddies are now in Penticton, or are on their way there. I'm excited for them, and can't wait to watch on Sunday. I hope the internet feed doesn't crash. It's supposed to be hot, as in 32 C. (90 F). I am so glad I'm not doing it this year. Race day I'll probably post frequent updates to my blog as the day goes on.

Lastly, I'm sneaking up on 1000 posts. I've had a few suggestions for the big post, thank you very much. Though 1000 things about me is probably a little over the top. I'm just not that interesting. I'm still open for more suggestions.


  1. I deserve every glass of wine, if you know what I mean. I deserve every bottle too. If, you know what I mean.

    1000? Bake 1000 cookies and send them all to me as a welcome back to blogland gift. Too much?

  2. Third day of teaching... I earned those two margaritas!!!

    I think you should write about all the wine you've earned...and what you did to deserve it.


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