Monday, February 7, 2011


Swim today was good. Even all the snow that fell last night wasn't much of a bother on the way to downtown. That's one of the good things about leaving early. Even it does involve about a half hour of shoveling.

Slow warm up, then directly into 2K swim, working on a relaxed stroke, good body position. It wasn't quite as smooth and fast as the good day last week, but the wall kept showing up awfully quickly. Then another K of dolphin kick and pull. Then a bit of drill, some smooth and easy, and cool down, for 1.5 hr altogether. Probably just over 4K, since I didn't stop much.

Stretched about a half hour, doing most of that in the dive tank, which I haven't done for quite a while. There was no point rushing out of the pool, since traffic was likely to be all jammed up. In fact it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

Home and more shoveling. At least the snow is light and fluffy. Onto the bike. Warmup 10 minutes. 15 at 90 rpm, 2nd gear from top, then a quick cadence set getting over 130 rpm for the first time since forever. Then another 15 minutes, same as the last, heart rate was  bit lower this time, low 120's or so breathing easy. Another quick easy spin, then 3 minutes at 90 in one gear harder. This got my heart rate up over 120 and starting to breathe hard. My legs didn't seem to mind it too much. Overall, it was my left leg that was complaining today, minor nigglies. One hour.

Now, curiosity.

I like looking at my blogger stats periodically. Come on, you do too. The counter down at the bottom of the page tells me I get about 45 visits per day, each one 3 to 4 minutes long. I get somewhat more page views, about 1.2 or 1.3 a visit. The actual blogger stats gives page views, and doesn't give a weekly number. The daily number seems to line up with the other counter.

The followers thing doesn't change much, I'm at 35 and it seems to have been that since forever. I think I get a new one every now and then, and some of the old ones go away. I guess. But the followers don't necessarily mean readers. I'm not sure what a follower implies. I started following some blogs, but then realized it didn't mean anything since I don't use the readers. Yes, it's true, I'm neolithic and look at blogs in a web page, selecting each one I want to read in turn. That's the main reason for my blog roll, actually. And I read the comments too.

So who in fact is reading my blog? Are you one of the 40 or so that drop in every day? Do you look every day, or does the genius of the intertubes tell you when I've updated? A few of you might remember the last time I did this, but I'm asking you to leave a comment. Let me know who you are. What do you like about the blog? What don't you like? Do my rants sully the purity of a triathlon blog, or does the sweaty fitness stuff detract from the outrage of the rants? Do you like the videos, photos, maps? Or do you just want more words? Or less words? You don't need to log in to leave a comment, and you don't even have to suffer through word verification or comment moderation. The Blogger spam filters are pretty darn good.

So, your turn. Have at it. Oh, and if you comment, and have a blog, and are not on my blog roll, I'll add you. How's that for incentive?


  1. I read! Once a day or whenever you post. I also use your blog roll because (shhhh) it is better than mine and I am lazy :)

  2. I read whenever you update! Sometimes I even read your older posts at the bottom if they seem interesting. I like the pictures and that you live in Calgary and I can stalk the races you've done!

    I also don't use a reader...I go by my blogroll or the blogger dashboard list. I'm not very smart at computers.

  3. I almost always read. I prefer pictures, training stuff, what's going on in your life. Less favorite are political rants, and long wordy posts. But I know a lot of your readers do like them so I will just read what I like. Either way you're a very good writer, I'm hoping some will rub off on me. Plus if I post on your blog I sometimes get traffic to my blog ha ha, :)

  4. I read you through Google Reader, Sometimes I fall behind (not just with your blog--many others too), so I have to resort to skimming to catch up.

  5. I read your blog pretty much everyday! I enjoy all the training & everyday adventures. Some of the training video I find useful, same with the maps. It is my gateway to other people's blog once they update. Also I am all about pictures....That is my favorite!

  6. I like to creep...

    Sometimes I like to comment....


  7. I use google reader so it informs me when you have ranted- I mean posted! I enjoy it all- rants, training updates, videos, photos, etc.

  8. I see when you've updated with my blog roll. I used to use the list of blogs I was following, but I finally figured out how to set up the blog roll.

    If I've been away from my own blog for a couple days, sometimes I miss a couple posts, but I generally go back and read them when I visit.

    I don't always comment. Sometimes I just don't feel like I have anything worthwhile to add, and comments that just consist of "yes, I agree" or "that's interesting" can get a bit boring.


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