Monday, June 1, 2009

Getting back at'er

The swim was pretty good today. I did a long warm up and some drills. My shoulders are still a bit stiff from the ride. I didn't push the pace, just tried to relax in the water. I didn't feel strong, but was fairly smooth. Tried some 100 m intervals. These were mostly 110 seconds, and there were some good laps in there. I could feel the scales of rust falling off. I tried a golf and ended up with 85, which is certainly nothing special. Called it at 45 minutes, then did another 15 minutes of core and stretching.

Run was good. 60 min easy with strides. Did a bit of stretching first, especially my calves. Ran really easy for 15 minutes, settled into a comfey pace, and started strides. Started easy, and gradually built speed and distance. Some I ran really fast but for a shorter distance, others were a strong run for a little longer. Ran easy the last 15 minutes, and did a cool down walk. Stretched while chatting with a neighbour.

My legs felt really good. I think the rest did them lots of good.


  1. Glad your legs felt good. Mine didn't ... maybe they need more rest. Its been two weeks...baaa haaa

  2. The rest was just what you needed, it sounds like! :) Now get ready because we need those legs fresh for Saturday...Hee-hee!!


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