Wednesday, October 31, 2007

post spin class update

You were all speculating how bad I'd feel the day after my first spin class, and I can hardly bear to disappoint my adoring public. All 4 of you. Today was better than I thought it would be. It took a few minutes to go to sleep, since I was still winding down from the exercise. That's just about the first time I've done serious exercise in the evening. My body normally treats exercise as a wake up call.

Getting up wasn't bad at all. Nothing hurt, which isn't a given at my age. I didn't check my resting heart rate like I'm trying to get into the habit of doing because I spasmed and thrashed like a wounded water buffalo when the alarm went off. I was all organized from the night before and got to the pool in good order. With all the extra activity the night before I was a bit worried I'd forgot something.

The swim was not total geezer-tude after all. I decided that an easy relaxed pace would be good, and that turned out to be 1000 m in 20 minutes, followed by 15 or 20 minutes doing pool pilates in the dive tank. What was different is that this is the evenest lap splits I think I've ever done. My fastest lap was probably 55 seconds, and my slowest was 62 or so. Most of them were bang on 60. For a while I'd wondered if the pace clock had stopped. I think the catch work the other day was paying off because it felt like I could get a real grip on the water. I really must remember to check heart rate after swims.

The swim left me feeling nicely relaxed. Then the hard part started, sitting in an office chair all day. I should have gone for a walk at lunch, but we had a combined birthday to celebrate, and a departure lunch. This evening I'm feeling it in my lower back. Good thing my massage therapist is coming on Friday!

I actually thought about climbing on the bike tonight, but what with it being Halloween and all, and a few other things needing to be done around the house, I put it off. Run tomorrow. I think I'll stop at the Bow Water's Canoe club, and run along the river or canal for a bit.

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  1. "spasmed and thrashed like a wounded water buffalo when the alarm went off" OMG _ i blew coffee out my nose - Hilarious - we have all been there and it does dramatically chnage your HR!!!
    You are a fast swimmer :) No geezer in you at all!!


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