Tuesday, March 10, 2020

A recovery day

Even the most hard core person training for the most hard core event imaginable, needs some recovery days. Here, we have walked about 47 K in the last 3 days on various beaches. And by we, I mean me. Linda has walked much more. Certainly more than 50K in total, and maybe more than 60. She walks down the beach, determined to get to the end and conquer all there is of it, from end to end.

So we did some shopping and enjoyed yet another fabulous lunch. I'm tidying up my notes, and doing some blogging background stuff. Researching activities for the rest of the week that do not involve the many treats to be had in the various cafes.

Here's some photos edited but not yet blogged.

1. The swanky digs in Dunedin.

2. A flower in Dunedin Botanical garden.

3. A private spiral staircase in the Dunedin art gallery.

4. Pretty sure this is Ocean View beach.


 6. The cliffs above Aramoana beach were amazing. Love the optimistic vegetation in the rocks.




10. Another view of the rock Linda found and wanted to bring home. Pity it would kill our baggage allowance, and I'm pretty sure it's happy right there.


12. The obligatory artsy shot.

13. Do you see the faces?

14. Driftwood of the Day


  1. Rest days are always good - you sure have put on the miles! I am assuming that Linda will have some treasures in her baggage (shells, small rocks) from the many beautiful beaches she has walked. I know I would ;)

  2. Nice digs! I love the stairs in 3, and I also enjoy how the composition is asymmetric to an extreme. I of course am drawn to 4 and 5, with 4 being the stronger of the two. The line of birds and driftwood give the image a unique touch. 12 is great. It is a nice combination of your interest in micro-landscapes and black and white masters. Well my friend, I believe I am now caught up. Cheers, Sean


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