Wednesday, March 14, 2018

More from a Fish Creek ramble

These are from a walk at the beginning of the month, on a day that looked like spring. However it was playing with us, since it snowed lots more. In the meantime I was happy to tramp through Fish Creek between Bridge 2 and 3, especially since I was wearing traction aides.

They were totally necessary, since the ice on this hillside path was the only stable thing to walk on. I don't know where I'd have gone if a bike appeared. Yes, there were lots of bike track on that path. Right beside the ice was slippery mud, with frozen ground underneath, and a long way down.

I've looked up toward this path many times, wondering where a daring bike trail came from. Now I know. It's wonderful to still be discovering new trails after all this time. No doubt there will be many more over the summer.

Along here might have some nice sunrise or sunset shots.

I doubt this bit of the creek is anywhere near so photogenic now, with the snow melting in the warm days we are swimming in. The roads are a sloppy enchilada, and that's where they've been plowed. There's some pretty fearsome ruts on the rest of the streets.

Remember that one atypical photo from a few days back? Yeah. Today's the day.

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