Sunday, April 10, 2016

The secret method

There is usually a best way of doing something. Some way that makes it easier, faster, less stressful. Sometimes there's a tool. Just the right tool and all goes well. Without it and you're in a world of hurt. Study this photo carefully. The tool is there, do you see it? It's bright orange.

The something today was cleaning the BBQ. It's been a long hard winter, but the BBQ doesn't get a rest, even in minus 11 c.  The time had come to clean it, lest it become a fire hazard. Here it is, mostly done. The bright orange tool isn't so orange any more.

These are not dirty because of the BBQ cleaning. This is another secret tool. Two for the price of one blog! Wow, what a good deal my readers are getting today! I'm so good to you. These are used for washing my bike chain. I tried some BBQ cleaner and didn't want to get any on my hands. It smelled like oven cleaner, whatever that is.

I'd taken the bright orange micro-fiber cloth and washed it with dish soap. This pulls out all the BBQ guck. Then it was time to go over it again to get the last tough spots off.  This cloth is the secret to cleaning the BBQ. It's amazing! Now it's ready for rack of lamb.

This was the hardest thing I did all day. The plan was to get up about 6 and go for a swim. I was awake about 5:15 and decided that was too early. I next looked at the clock about 9am. Oh well, I must have needed the rest.

Other things got crossed off my list today, so I'm feeling pretty accomplished for a rest day. What am I resting from? There was the big workout going down Road to Nepal on Friday. Then Saturday was a long run. I was feeling very dubious about this, but my run buddy assured me that if I collapsed in a heap, she would carry me back to the car. I'd wanted to fill in the gap in Fish Creek that I hadn't run this year, so forced myself to get ready.

All that build up and we had a very nice run! We started near the MacLeod  Trail parking lot, and ran east to Bow Bottom trail. The wind pushed us along every step of the way. Coming back wasn't so easy, but we pushed hard, and carried on past the car to the bottom of Elbow drive. A cool down walk back to the car was perfect.

My legs felt surprisingly good. 11.25 K, 1:24, nailing a 7:30 pace overall. Downwind was a bit quicker, upwind a bit slower. Lots of other people out on the path on a day just warm enough for shorts and a tech shirt.

Stay tuned for another big day tomorrow. Find out what I'm doing when I play hooky from work.

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