Sunday, April 24, 2016

Normally I draft while running, but

Not the draft as in following closely behind. That doesn't work when you're a big tall guy following your usual run buddy who is usually described as petite.  Her following me now, should she decide to run that slowly, would drive her mad from boredom and the lack of energy being burned.

No, I'm thinking of drafting as in writing a first draft. Often on my runs or bike rides I'll have a blog composed and titled and everything for when I sit down at the laptop. Sometimes during a swim, but not so often. Too much to think about there.

Today was an 18 K run, and I didn't compose much of the blog, given there were two run buddies today. Two! My buddy Patricia texted and asked if I was good for 18 K. I wasn't so sure, but promised 12 and maybe 15, and would draft a route that could make that work. I checked, and Michelle was happy to come along as well.

Well. At a conversational chatchatchat pace of 7:30 or a hair less, there was lots of chatting. No drafting. There was even more chatting, if you can believe it, when we met Sophia  out with a Running Room group. In fact, all four of of us know each other. How rare is that, to be running with a group, and meet someone who is known by all in your group? Maybe it happens to you all the time, but it's a first for me.

The weather wasn't the best, being just above zero C and kind of dank for Calgary. This is a tough temperature to dress for. I ended up wearing a light jacket over a long sleeved top, which was ok while running, but I got cold whenever I was standing still. Not rain, just sweat that had nowhere to go. So I guess it's a fail on the clothing front today. It's so much easier to dress for running in -10 C and colder, or +10 C and warmer.

The run started under 8th St bridge over Deerfoot. I've started lots of runs there, but I haven't been there in a while. Down to the canoe club again, across Deerfoot and the Bow, up the path through Inglewood (very pretty this time of year!) and across the new bridge by Fort Calgary. There was a short detour into the old Simmon's building while I listened to the goodies at Sidewalk Citizen tempt me, then we were off again across the skipping stone bridge, past the zoo, back up the Nose Creek path, past the car all the way up to 32nd St, and back. 18 K, 2:14.  This fills in another block of bike path on my map. I'll have to get you guys a photo of that.

Patricia is happy as that keeps her on her training plan.  I think it's her longest run ever and that's great! She's going to have a great race! I'm happy, it's my longest run in several years. Well, mostly happy, my hams and calves are sending some protest notes upstairs.  Michelle is happy any run she doesn't have to carry me home, which is all of them so far.

The swim Friday afternoon was excellent! I've mostly had good luck with Friday afternoon swims. I was back in my usual groove. 1k in 18:35, 3x100 all sub 1:45, 1x100 92 seconds, and a cool down 100, plus some water yoga and running. Some of the synchro girls were at it in the other part of the pool. What amazing athletes they are! I consider myself a fairly strong swimmer by triathlete standards (no snickering in the peanut gallery!), but I couldn't even begin to do what they do.

The garden is greening up nicely. The Alberta rose is getting a good start in it's plans of world domination.

I keep expecting Jack to show up. If he hangs around for a while, he won't need a beanstalk, the lilies will do quite as well.

Curtis of course keeps an eye on us when ever we're out and he's in, and is in the middle of giving me a piece of his mind.

One of the tulips. But you knew that. We're just glad they escaped the bunny.

The other plum tree is in bloom too. The bees are happy.

The remainder of the garden is just getting started.

The front is doing really well. I think the yellow things are daffodils.

The plant photos have reminded me of the limitations of an iPhone. I've been thinking about photography as a retirement hobby, and spent part of yesterday exploring camera choices. Holy doodle! And when you get through THAT there's lens choices. Holy even more doodle.

I'm trying to think it through, what I want to take photos of, and how much I'll actually use it. As was mentioned during our run, it isn't something that I'm going to take to the pool, on a bike ride, or on the run. I'm not going to carry it back and forth to work on the off chance the light will be perfect and I'll get the shot of the year of the downtown buildings. Besides, that shot has been done already, by my buddy Neil Zeller.

I'm thinking about two paths, one being starting with a very basic DSLR camera and lenses, and seeing how much I actually use it. If I like it and use it a lot I can move up, and maybe sell the old one. I tend to use my stuff fairly gently. Or I could just go straight to the good stuff, with a tougher learning curve, and trust I'll use it enough to be worthwhile, or that I can resell it. Decisions, decisions.

Do you own a DSLR? How much do you actually use it, compared to the camera in your phone?


  1. Sounds like you had a fabulous run! And I'm impressed that you're running 18k already. It takes me much longer to work up to that distance. Well done!! Nice to having running buddies too. Are either of them running Calgary? I don't run regularly with others these days - it's just too complicated to organize - but I enjoy it when I can.

    Re shopping for a camera, you might want to check out this site. I spent hours on it reading reviews before finally settling on my Nikon 5100. Much as I love it (and I do!), if I had to do over, I'd opt for a mirrorless camera. A friend has a Fuji X100 and gets amazing pics. He's a great photographer who gets wonderful shots with all his cameras but the quality of his Fuji images is spectacular. Anyway, you're on the right track thinking about how and when you'll want to use it. There's no point having a really great camera if you never get around to using.

    Have a great week!

  2. Wow, that's a long run, good job!!


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