Monday, April 18, 2016

It comes and goes

The pool this morning was a study in contrasts. Well, I was, anyway. Everybody else was about the same. The overall pace was a little slow 1K, 19:20, but the actual pace was all over the place.

I've got some interesting neck and shoulder pain, but mostly it doesn't bother me when I'm swimming. For part of the swim there was lots of clunk and bodily thrash. Splashing, bubbles, and other inefficiencies. Some of the laps felt really good, like I was sliding along on ball bearings. It didn't feel like I was doing anything different, but the slowest lap was 1:03 or so (the shame, hides face) and the fastest was 52 seconds or so. That's a lot of variation in pace over a short distance when you're trying to swim steady.

The hot tub felt really good after.

The run was a bit later than usual what with a few errands after work. Plus it was pedestrian and bike stupidity on the way home! I think the sun had baked their brains or something. One guy just turned hard left in the middle of the block and walked out onto the street without looking. I could see him coming and got stopped, but the driver in the oncoming car didn't see the idiot till the last second. I think there was a pedestrian in nearly every crosswalk on the way home, plus the unauthorized one just mentioned. Bikes all over the place. I mean, all over the roads, the sidewalks, in between, in the cycle path.

It was still nice and warm when I started out, and for all that my legs were feeling a little unsteady, and there was a brief bit where I thought I was going to trip over my own feet, it turned into one of the fastest 6 K ever. Certainly since I started using iSmoothRun. 6K, 37:30, for an average of 6:12 per K. Once I settled in, the run felt really good.

It was really hard to go into work today, and even harder to go back after a quick walk at lunch. Nobody seemed much in the mood to work, but I had a huge data import struggle. Picky picky picky. That batch is done, and tomorrow is a worse import issue. Sigh.

And taxes. I dropped the paperwork off at my accountant, and I dread the followup. No, not paying her bill, she's cheap at twice the price for the stress she saves me. Nor is it paying if I end up owing tax. That's a desirable situation to be in because it means I've held onto my money longer, rather than begging the government to give it back.

No, the problem is questions. Maybe I've missed a form. Maybe I forgot something. Or I get give a choice and I don't understand either option. Dealing with tax stuff or expense account stuff totally stresses me out. My corporate year end is coming up soon, and that's more stress. I actually have to do up a little spreadsheet, and look up all sorts of numbers. Last year I promised myself I'd build the xl as I went along, but did I? NO! Sigh. At least I got my parking statements along the way.

Yeah, I know. First world problems. What first world problems do you have? And don't tell me about pumpkin spice latte withdrawl.

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  1. Well my Honda has a faulty airbag but the part to fix it is still being made. So the dealer gave me a rental car until the part comes in, sometime this summer. That's a weird, nice problem, right?
    What is it with that pumpkin spice?? It's so gross in everything.


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