Wednesday, April 6, 2016

An April heat wave

Here, there is no snow. The ground is thawed, and the flowers are growing. There, where my mom lives, it's "crappy out". We had a nice facetime chat this evening, and I'm just as happy I couldn't make out the crappy weather.

Friday is supposed to be well into the twenties, so that looks like a great day for a bike ride! This is so odd for Calgary, to have such nice weather for so long. I've been trying to enjoy it, running or riding outside in shorts and tech shirt. Normally we have a bit of this, then that, then something else. I'll take this!

Monday was not a great day for a swim. First, the hot tub is out of action till the 10th. Sigh. Second, my arms didn't want to swim. Neither did anything else. I was feeling tired and run down from lots of biking and running on the weekend, even though I've been sleeping really well.

Tuesday was a lovely run! 6K, 38 minutes. The fastest 3 K together was 18:11. I hadn't meant to run that fast, but my buddy Patricia ran 3 K in 18 minutes, and I think I was channeling here. I know I can't keep up with my run buddy Michelle when she kicks up her heels, but this is fast for me. My legs felt really good about it, till the last several hundred meters where it turned into a bit of a slog.

Wed swim was pretty good, though my arms had no endurance. Only swam a K, broken up into smaller intervals. Still no hot tub. They are doing something with the sand filters. More sigh.

The cookie challenge has been going for almost 3 weeks now and I have to say I'm feeling great! I think I'm down several pounds at least, and I think that's one reason I'm running faster, and feeling lighter on my feet. I am lighter. There was the butter tart chorus calling me one day, and another day where I finished all the dates I'd brought to work as snacks, plus my lunch, and was hungry verging on hangry. Other than that it's been good.

I can't get over the weather. We've eaten outside several times already, even though there's still a bit of winter guck on everything.  BBQ duck breast, in case you were wondering.

The rain barrels have been removed from winter cover. Like I said, plants are springing out of the ground. This is from the weekend.

I'm losing track. Did I mention I actually signed up for the 10 K at the Calgary Marathon on May 29? So that's the next race. The way running is going lately I'm optimistic about signing up for a fall marathon.


  1. I am soooooo jealous of the weather you've been getting. As you know, it hasn't been great in NS - though at least we're not getting snow! Glad you're enjoying the warm temps and that running's going well. Also glad to hear you've officially signed up for the 10k! It will be fun doing pre-race stuff together at least. (I noticed your race starts half hour later than mine, which is too bad. It would have been nice to run the first 10k with you!) Oh, well...

    BTW, duck looks amazing! You guys really know how to eat!

    1. Welcome "Grumpy Gal", thanks for commenting! I'm pretty sure you aren't suffering in the "knowing how to eat" department. I'm looking forward to pre-race. The one bridge has horizontal stuff now, but official opening isn't planned till later. I don't know if the race committee has struck a deal with the construction crew or is working out an alternative route. In any case, we will drive the route, unless we can borrow you a bike and ride it. Hmmm.


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