Thursday, July 16, 2015

Winner winner, chicken dinner!

Well, cookies anyway.

My buddy Janet (only one Janet) delurked long enough to pick out that I'm blogging every day now. Good eye! This is the grand experiment, to see how long I can blog daily. I figure that any or all of several things could happen,:

  • Massive writers block that prevents me from doing even a Tweet. I'm in big trouble if also affects SQL.
  • An attack of life happens such that I can't blog.
  • I know about an impending attack of life, and plan for it with a scheduled blog, and Blogger betrays me and doesn't post.
  • There is a massive reader revolt complaining about the lack of quality writing, such as it is.
  • Readers begging me to stop.
  • Curtis the literary cat takes over the blog and readership goes through the roof.
  • The cats take over, and forcibly prevent me from blogging in favour of chin scritching, grooming, and feeding of the uber-mammals.
  • Closely related to the above, we suddenly understand the reason for all those internet cat videos. Stay tuned, I have a theory.
  • Or I get on a roll and keep pumping them out, day after day, to wild reader adulation. (Hey, we all have our fantasies!)
I know how to send things to Janet, so I'll try to bake up some of my semi-famous chocolate mint chip cookies, and send them off. Or she could come here, then she would get both cookies AND wine, and even a swim coaching session thrown in. It's safe now that Stampede is over.

In other news, for yesterdays blog, I got the mostly lovely comment. "I'm sensing just a tough of taper madness setting in." What's so delicious about is that Janice is a writer, and there is every possibility this is what she intended to write, with all all the subtle interplays of meaning. She's also a runner, and thus knows about taper madness. I love to collect good blog titles, and A tough of taper madness is a good one.

In garden news, the Lamb's Ears are blooming. So are more lilies.

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  1. Well, you'll probably see me next spring, Keith...just back from a three week holiday in Scotland with my mom, so no holidays left to use (nor money in the holiday kitty). I'll take you up on that swim lesson...and the wine!!!

    Until then, yay for cookies :) And good luck with your experiment - I am enjoying the daily blog!!


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