Sunday, July 19, 2015

Wetsuit butt shot

Never let it be said that I only post flattering shots of me and other people. Nope. In triathlon there are very few flattering photos. Somewhere on the IMYYC70.3 page there is a photo of of people in wetsuits. I was joking they found the only photo of a woman who's butt looks good in a wetsuit.

Today I was out to Auburn Bay, site of the Calgary 70.3 swim next Sunday, for a practice swim. Here's some shots for your delight and edification. I was told my butt looks good in wetsuit.

The promised butt shot. Does it?

Maybe I should make this my LinkedIn shot.

This is about as a good a photo as possible of me in a wetsuit.

The water wasn't cold at all, and reasonably clear, as these things go. No algae or seaweed. We swim clockwise around a heart shaped lake. I was mainly looking for sighting landmarks. Lots of big expensive looking houses to look at along the way.

I just started swimming nice and easy. It felt a little bit clunky at first. Then I settled in. Just as I got to the north end of the lake I belched so much I wondered if there were solid chunks bouncing off of wetsuit. Then I felt myself go into a higher gear and swim felt awesome from then on. Swam straight, though there isn't much for sighting. I hope they put big buoys in.

Part of the swim was to tweak my stroke, looking to keep my elbows up and out a bit, and getting a good pull. My wave starts just after the pros, and just before the 30 to 44 age group men. I'm not going to catch any pros, and I'd like to stay ahead of the kids. If any pass me, you can be assured I will latch onto their feet and draft like mad!

On the way home we were devastated to learn that Olson's High Country bison no longer has an outlet in the Calgary Farmer's market. Devastated! Now we have to find another source of bison. The struggles we have.

We had some guests over yesterday, and this is what they walked into.

Unusually Curtis was not on hand to greet the guests, though he livened up a little later. Even though his eyes are open, they weren't tracking anything. He was sound asleep letting out wheezy little grunts.

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  1. Your butt looks great! More importantly, you look completely at home in that wetsuit. Will be very excited to hear how the race goes next weekend.

    Your yard looks so inviting. Seriously, we need to get out for a visit soon! Maybe next spring when it's 20 degrees there and -20 here.

    Have a good week tapering!


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