Sunday, July 5, 2015

Waiting for photos in drobox

The photos ARE coming, and some, only some will be shared. There are many. Some are quite frankly unsuitable for public view. Even private viewing had me covering my eyes. That Ironman Finisher bike jersey is just a bit snug. He said, in an understated sort of way. I should blow up one of them and put it on the fridge.

But first, my coffee moment with Curtis wondering if he wanted to share.

Today was a lovely run up to the South Glenmore boat club. I sang a little ditty to myself as I got there.

There is
a pole
in the aid station,
They call the family jewels
And it's been the ruin of many a guys race
I know
I watched it once.

If you don't know what that is sung to, there is no hope for you. The pole is right in the middle of the bike path, to keep motorized vehicles off the path. It's instantly downstream of where the aid station is. One guy that was trying to open a gel, hold a half full cup, and dodge someone, impaled himself on the pole. Fortunately it's somewhat flexibly mounted, and I think he took the worst of it in his gut, but still. I very carefully ran around it and started towards home.

10 K, 1:10:45, running easy, except for kilometers 6, 7, and 8. I struggled there a bit, falling off the pace. Pulled it together for 9 and 10 though. After all the heat it was lovely running in the sun with a cool breeze. Lots of other runners out. I discovered this graph in iSmoothrun, which I had never seen before. I think it makes things much clearer, though you can't see the altitude part very well, but I'm not sure how much I trust it anyways. It's clear I need to work on maintaining cadence.

My feet felt pretty good throughout, though I think I need to get new shoes. There doesn't seem to be much squish under the ball of my right foot anymore.

After that I sat in the back patio, drinking fruit juice, nibbling a cookie or two (or three) and doing a bit of writing. It's a lovely relaxing way to spend some time.

Michelle and I have been conspiring on photos. Let's see if I can find a couple for you that aren't too bad. These need to be cropped. Here is me desperate to keep up as Michelle pulls away.

Michelle pedaling like mad desperate to pass, me coasting. I am faster downhill, she is faster going up.

Remember the bikes on the fence shot from yesterday? We practiced transitions, so here is the action shot. In a note to self moment, Michelle realized how long it takes to tie shoes, and why triathletes pay for speed laces.

And lastly lunch being a left over bison burger with cheese.

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  1. Great photos, Keith. Keep 'em coming please. Glad the training is going so well.


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