Sunday, July 26, 2015

So that race today, this is not that report, not yet

Hold your horses.

Yes, we finished! Yes we got our honking big belt buckle medals.
No, I didn't have the swim I wanted, and will talk more about that later. There are a lot of upset people about the swim.
Yes, Michelle was awesome out there turning in her fastest 90 K bike by far, ever! Followed up by a respectable half marathon. For those that care about such things, I think our time was 6:23.

We hung out a while, hoping to win a super sexy Argon 18 tri bike (rats), and watched the award presentation. Then home and had BBQ rack of lamb, salad, and two kinds of dessert. And wine, of course as we chatted about lots of stuff.

Now I'm tired, and iPhoto is pissing me off by not transferring the bazillion photos I took to the laptop so I can share them with you. OK, you get one photo. Come back tomorrow for more.


  1. Congratulations to you and Michelle!

  2. Congratulations Keith and Michelle!! It was so great to see you both out there multiple times this weekend.

    I heard there was quite the kerfuffle with the swim. I know a bunch of us were confused about where we were supposed to do that little jog back to the yellow buoys. I think I may have been one of the few that swam on par with what I was supposed to as my Garmin measured 2069 m. I feel bad for the pros as this definitely impacted their race. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

  3. Is that the buckle on your hat? It's huge!! Look forward to the full race report.

    1. It is indeed! I'll do a better photo for the blog later today. I was feeling silly, and the ribbon was irritating a bit of wetsuit rash on my neck. I think it's the biggest race medal I've ever got.

  4. Congrats both of you! It was quite something watching the runners, your lovely partner was making it look easy ;) I look forward to a full race report so I can continue fangirling. Great job!

  5. Great job sir! My eyes hurt looking at that swimming graph-very psychedelic.


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