Monday, July 6, 2015

A white between 2 reds

The hard part about this morning was pulling on compression socks after my swim. Well, even the swim was a bit hard, in that my arms have reverted back to Pastafarianism again. It was a pitifully slow 1000 m. A bit of drill, and a few intervals and I packed it in. At least the lane ropes didn't eat me.

I wasn't wearing the compression socks due to fallout from the run yesterday. My feet and legs feel good. No, this is why.

High socks keep the edge of the boot from rubbing on my calf hairs. It's kind of weird walking in a higher heel than I'm used to. My balance was funny all day. The afternoon was hell because of a bad country band that fired up in the square kitty corner from my office. Mostly it was soft rock with a country twang, sort of. I don't know where they unearthed "Delta Dawn" from, but she belted it out with enthusiasm, if no talent.

The summer it came out I was making a nuisance of myself at my BC relatives, and they packed me off with one of my uncles driving a gravel truck all over the Fraser Valley. He liked to sing along. There used to be a road that essentially was the border, but the USA has probably demanded it be closed and planted land mines in it to keep out the drug smugglers. It turns out this truck has a throttle you can manually set. On one memorable occasion he set the throttle, I steered, while he stood on the gas tank and vented his opinion of the USA in liquid form. I was very impressed.

Tonight was some wine stuff. Here's a Meglioli red, with lots of raisins and grape skins ready to be racked.

Here's the 3 kits on the go. Bottle more in a couple weeks. It smells very good in the basement, in a wine-y sort of way.

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  1. Oh, I LOVE the boots. Gonna get me some next time I visit cowtown.


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