Monday, May 25, 2015

The coffee rub

No, this is not some magical rub on a coffee cup to fill it again. Sorry.

During #coffeechat on Sunday there was discussion of using coffee as a rub for meat about to be grilled. Although several of mixes we found were for steak, we had chicken defrosted. See the photo in yesterday's blog.

Linda added pumpkin seed oil and soy sauce to the coarse ground coffee and Demerara brown sugar that was already there, and mixed it into a thickish sauce. It smelled great! Just on the grill, and just before taking them off.

These are not as overcooked as they looked. The sugar and soy leads to dark grill marks. They were just perfect, moist and juicy, and the Yum buns were awesome as always.

But I hear the coffee crowd, "what about the taste!? There was a balanced coffee taste. It didn't overwhelm the chicken, and some of the soy tanginess came through. I think if I didn't tell you what the sauce was, you've have to think about it a bit. Well, maybe not the hard core coffee crowd. Linda wants to experiment more with coffee in BBQ marinades.

In other news I got into the pool today, sharing a lane with a woman swimming about the same speed. Katie zoomed by in the next lane. It took a long time to get the water feel. I was feeling clunky and just slightly behind on my breathing. Rather than try to push it, I did a bunch of 100's, trying for smooth and fairly strong. They got better as I went along, then the last one was about to fall apart so I called it and cooled down.

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  1. This is Linda - there was also paprika, allspice, orange zest & cumin in the rub. Coffee was fresh ground beans of the Deerfoot blend, about a quarter cup of fresh ground beans. Ditto the demerara sugar.


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