Friday, September 5, 2014

The proboscis's were all pointed at me

One thing about the cottage, during the evening if the wind is below a certain speed, there are many hungry critters out there. I went out for some sunset shots and was quickly afraid for my life. Lots of bugs. I was safe on the beach, but the actual driveway is a combat zone.

Here's some more photos.
Me thinking of my yoga teacher on Crescent beach.

Same place, same thoughts, but Linda this time. I hope you noticed.

The soldiers lined up for the next two weeks.

Hirtle's beach to the left.

Hirtle's beach to the right. We were astounded it was so crowded. 3 K of beach, and there had to be 2 dozen people there on a perfect day. I love Hirtle's beach, though I'm looking forward to more beach comparisons. I'm told Carter's beach and Beach Meadows are both very nice, right up there.

Sunset from the cottage. I almost didn't make it back.

This morning. Its hard to do a yoga selfie. Walking on the beach in the morning is an awesome way to start the day. Then a very productive 1500 words of a scene I've been wanting to write for a while, but haven't been able to get my teeth into. Very happy with it, though of course it needs slight editing.

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  1. Yoga on the beach = awesome! "Soldiers"... No. Not all of them please...


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