Thursday, September 11, 2014

I've been told

So we timed the vacation right this time. So often people go on vacation and the weather is just as nice, or nicer at home. Not us, not this time. We heard Calgary got some snow. Lots and lots of snow. The poor trees. We also heard more beach pics, at least for today, probably isn't a good idea. Maybe so. Stay tuned. Later. The deck of the house faces west, and there's been some awesome sunsets. Even by Calgary standards. Oh, I can't resist. It's not a beach photo. No retouching of any kind.

We've had a couple cloudy days, but overall my vitamin D factories are working overtime.

The high point so far  has been my blog buddy Janet and her husband Ron inviting us and my other blog buddy Janice and husband Luke all to dinner. It was lovely. One of the magical things about social media is that this dinner was like friends meeting again and carrying on, rather than meeting for the first time and wondering what to say. Of course, Janet and Janice have been friends for a while, but, surprise, they met through blogging as well. Janet did a great blog, with one of the few pictures of me looking like a regular human, not leaning, not holding a glass of wine, not wearing sweaty workout gear.

Then Janet and Janice came to the cottage this morning. Janice and I ran 5 K down the beach and back, chat chat chat. Linda and Janet walked, chat chat chat. Coffee after. Lovely!

We’ve been having a wonderful time. We’re doing a bit of tourist stuff, and a bit of hanging around the cottage relaxing. I’ve done 4 new scenes in Elixir that needed to be done, and tweaked the interim ending of Bone. I’m a whole lot happier with it than I was. I'm going through some smoothing and checks for pacing, and to make sure I haven't forgotten anything. I may have a third draft soon. Here's me, hard at work. Yes, there is a glass of wine within reach.

We were into Lunenburg for the market on Thursday, then out to Hirtle’s beach. We love it. It was perfect beach weather, warm and sunny, with a bit of a breeze. We walked the whole length of it, enjoying the whole darned thing. There’s one spot where the beach is a bit gravely, and the sound of the water rushing in and hissing out is just magical. Yes, there are photos. Later. Patience.

I ran on the beach, barefoot, for a bit. Maybe 15 minutes tops. Of course I didn’t time myself. That’s not what running on the beach is about. In the end we left because we’d run out of water and were getting thirsty.

I ran on Crescent beach again in cloudy and cool weather, so it hasn't all been sunshine and unicorns. My legs are feeling pretty good out of it all, and the fearsome gear seems to be doing it's job. We are sleeping like a pair of rocks now that we are used to the silence. This cottage has been perfect! Counting down the days left here. Sigh.


  1. Gorgeous shot! Where are you? Meaning in a non-creepy, I'm not going to come find you sort of way :)


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