Monday, December 9, 2013

The AMA list is forming

Great swim this morning, with some water running after. Coming out of the pool into a blizzard wasn't so nice. The roads in Calgary are complete and total shite, though the City has had every piece of equipment out for about a week now. They're just getting into parts of the NE that had car eating monster snowdrifts. The tow trucks and plows have to work together. They have to truck away the snow because there is no place to plow it.

The trip home after work was very, very slow. The road outside our house was the best one, since it doesn't get much traffic. 24th was black ice end to end. Elbow was that chalky powdery stuff that acts like a buffing agent.

Arranging novel details is picky work. Especially when you have to insert a scene between two others. Remembering who said what to whom and trying to keep the stories straight is tough sledding after a long day at work. I'd love to tackle it fresh in the morning.

Last, and most important, for you. I've had only one response for the Ask Me Anything feature. I'm starting to make up lists of questions and thinking about who I could attribute them to. My imagination is involved. This ought to terrify you. Even one, short innocuous question will immunize you. You aren't going to get a better deal this December. Comments, email, social media are all acceptable for responses. Heck, even inviting me out for a coffee, for my readers that live here, and asking me then is acceptable.


  1. "complete and total" yep. 1.5 hours to go 5K from 24th to Crowchild this morning. Yuk.

  2. okay okay. I've been crazy busy. Here's the question...just so you won't attribute one to me!!! How many millimetres long is your mustache?


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