Sunday, December 22, 2013

Only a run

Today was an easy hour run with Michelle and Tina. Here we are getting started. We ran up the 37 st path and along the reservoir to the point.

Half way through the run Michelle's eyelashes were all frosted up.

Tina wasn't quite as frosted.

I was frosted up a little bit, but on the scale of things this isn't bad at all.

Our selfie at the turnaround.

Overall, not quite 9 K in 1:13 or so. Nice easy chatty pace. I met Michelle's husband, and it turns out I know his sister. Small world sometimes.

We had a great time chatting, and I've got to get better at capturing the blog titles that came up. There were 3 great ones, and now I can't remember them. Sigh.

I'll work on my novel a bit more, and prep for the swim tomorrow. This being on vacation is nice.

A couple days ago I set a new blog milestone. This year has seen the most blog posts published, more even than in 2013 when I did Ironman. There's still a bit of year left, so I don't know how many I'll end up with.

This is pretty well your last chance to get in on the AMA action on your terms. Some of you might end up with a question attributed to you. Like, Have you stopped abusing your chocolate yet? There are lots of questions so far, and I've been working on answers to them. They will appear over the holidays.

Now, to go pay some bills. I love being able to do that over the internet. As does anyone who remembers the bad old days of writing out a cheque and mailing it. Or actually having to go to the bank. In some ways the world has got better.


  1. Sorry to miss out on the run! I had planned to run early before going to the mall but I just couldn't get past how cold it was today and I bailed. I'm turning into a softie!! On the plus side things at the mall were not as crazy as I thought they would be for December 22nd.

  2. Thanks for the great company again Keith. Looking forward to next weekend. The more the merrier!


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