Saturday, December 14, 2013

Happy that's over, and a winner!

I'm back. Not with it yet, but the coffee is helping. I've never been so ready for a vacation in my life. Or retiring and giving up this day job thing.

Let's just say the commuting was hell this week, and leave it at that. The giant xl (a different one than last time) from hell has been preying on my mind. As has inconsistent data entry clerks. One of my tasks on this xl is to determine if two rows of data are one thing, or two things. And their parent relationship, in all it's on and offness glory. Another week and I'm off for two weeks.

There's been another work thing thats been stressful, involving contract renewal. Can't say much about that.

Pretty well everything else has been on hold this week. The yoga class was lovely as always, and the novel is chugging along. I just discovered last night that Penny likes to have her feet rubbed, and that her new boyfriend is entirely happy to do so. Other things too, but lots of time for that. There was a whole scene where the characters were trying out different versions of a conversation, happily squabbling about who would or wouldn't say certain things. Sort of like watching a cast of actors working through a script. Except there is no script. It's a great way to get to know them better.

Supposedly Calgary is going to warm up to +8 C. Which will melt some of the snow, and we'll have skating rink roads again. Sigh. Hoping to get out on my snowshoes.

Lastly, the news I know you've all been waiting for! BJ is the winner, second year in a row! What a champ she is. It took her 8 months to pick up her bottle of wine, lets see how she makes out this year. Which reminds me Christmas cards are on the agenda this weekend. As is coming up with answers for the AMA feature. One of the questions is going to involve my finding a ruler, and help reading it.

The AMA feature, you ask? Ask Me Anything, in comments or email or other social media. I will answer in an up coming blog, probably some time around year end. Anything at all.

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